iPad 2

Hey guys so the iPad 2 is getting a lot of the new updates and I hate that because it is like 3 generations off and they couldn’t do that with the iPad 1 it only can take iOS 5 and yeah.images_storefronts_apple_ipad2LANDING1012a


Mountain Lion

Hey guys Mountain Lion is great and stuff and i’m sure it is better then lion because when you go to launch pad on mountain lion there is a search bar but if you go on the launch pad on lion there is no search bar and I said that sucks and it does and it also has game center.osx-mountain-lion-icon

Mavericks Computers

Hey Guys it is the apple talker and this is my website and yeah. So the mavericks computer the newest computer and I saw it it was bigger then all of the mac computer and it is like mountain lion but it has ibooks that is the only thing new so not really better then moutain but if you want to read on your computer it is fine but you can download kindle or nook so yeah that is all.imac